Welcome! Membership is open!

Welcome to all! We are growing slowly as God shows new people our loving fellowship. We currently have, or are welcoming,  members in surrounding communities as well as Benson (For example, Chamiso, Charleston, Cochise, Curtiss, Dragoon, Elfrida, Fenner, Fairbank, Gleeson, Grizzles Orchard, J Six, Johnson, Kansas Settlement, McNeal, Manzoro, Mescal, New Tucson, Pearce, Saint David, Sunsites, Sunizona, Tombstone, Tully, Vail, and Whetstone.

Please let us welcome and include you in this growing community God is making for us all. Please contact Rev. Jim Perdue for to explore starting a discipleship group in your community, have a conversation or arrange a visit.

We worship on Sundays at 9 am at 636 South Highway 80
Benson, Arizona. Children are welcomed and included. Our community and fellowship activities are growing.

For more information about The United Methodist Church.

Looking for a new church?

Do you already live here in Benson or one of the surrounding communities? Are you looking for a church community that you can feel part of? please contact Rev. Jim Perdue.

New, or becoming Christian?

Are you new to Benson or one of its surrounding communities? are you looking for a new church home? Come and check out the United Methodist Church in Benson.

Are interested in becoming a Christian, being baptized, or having your children baptized, also please contact Rev. Jim Perdue

We can arrange for a visit in your home, at the pastor’s office in the church’s administration building, or at a site of your choosing to discuss your desire.

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